G10 the original coat that has given life to the contemporary G12

There has been a new addition to the Baracuta family. Meet the G12. Thanks to its predecessor, the G10, which has a slightly different design, it was possible for Baracuta to formulate the new G12 Coat. The G10 has been around for many decades. It’s noticeably different from the G4 and G9 Jackets which are much shorter. Let’s take a moment to reminisce on the coat which gave life to the G12. The G10 was among the first paper models available in Baracuta’s production archives. A knee-length coat, designed to protect suits from the rain while also featuring the characteristic Umbrella back vent, a cape sewn on the back of the jacket to help rain flow easily off the piece. The Miller Brothers revived the waterproof Single Chest Raincoat in 1966 which was a memorable year in the history of football as it was when England won in the World Cup against West Germany. To celebrate this historic milestone, the Millers dressed the English football team with the G10 Coat, specially customised for each squad member.

The G12 is a more protective and warmer jacket. This new entry made its début for the AW22 collection coming straight from the Baracuta archives. As the G12 is an evolution of the G10, it had to keep its distinctive features like the single-breasted closure, the diagonal pockets, the adjustable wrist buckles, the signature umbrella back yoke and the iconic Fraser Tartan lining. It’s a new take on the classic Trench Coat, however without the belt and more à la Baracuta. Trench Coats have been around for over 200 years and are one of Britain’s most enduring clothing pieces and go-to sophisticated ensembles. A versatile coat which has graced many generations and can be worn over all types of outfits. Celebs like Romeo Beckham, Audrey Hepburn and Michael Cain have been known to wear them, proving all ages, sizes and genders can easily pull them off. It’s an essential piece in everyone’s wardrobe so Baracuta decided to come out with the G12 as their own take on the Trench.

The G12, with its soft, gentle structure, is an extremely elegant raincoat. It has a deliberately looser fit and is also designed to be worn with its inner lining attachment to provide extra protection from the cold and rainy Winter. The G12 is a longer silhouette compared to the shorter G10 and is made from our iconic Baracuta Cloth. This coat is perfect for wearing over your favourite outfit, but in our opinion, it will go with every piece you have in your wardrobe!