G4: The Alternative Twin

Did you know the G9 has a twin? That’s right! It’s called the G4 and shares many similarities to the G9, but like all siblings, there are some differences too. According to Baracuta’s archives the G4 was created in 1944, only a few years after the famous G9. The Miller Brothers, having already created their iconic G9, wanted to create a more relaxed version. So, what’s so special about the G4 then? The most notable difference is the silhouette. It has a more relaxed feel to it as the elastic ribbed waist and cuffs have been replaced with adjustable button strap closures on the sides and cuffs. With these new features, the jacket instantly changes personality, allowing it to be roomier and less constricting. The Millers wanted to keep their signature Fraser Tartan in the G4 design as it is an identifiable factor in Baracuta pieces. Other iconic G9 Harrington Jacket features are also seen in the G4, like the slanted pockets in the front, the two-button dog ear collar, the umbrella back yoke as well as its ability to keep the wearer dry in wet weather. In designing the G4, the Miller Brothers wanted to keep the immortal Baracuta look that they achieved with the G9, and they succeeded.

By the 1950’s, the G4 Jacket had already become an alternative jacket to the G9 for young American Ivy League college students who were trying to find a middle ground between casual and formal style. The G4 enabled these students to find a new lifestyle, where social class was not important as the G4 was accessible to all. The students were also sold by the fact that the G4, with its overcoat look, is a perfect layering piece and in no way feels tight on the body.

 Just like the G9, the G4 made its way into various subcultures in the UK - like the Mods, Ska, Skinheads, Punks and British rockers, bringing about a new modern style, turning it into a classic in both the artistic and creative scenes. The G4 was synonymous with the G9 boom. It had become an essential piece in everyone’s wardrobes, passed down from generation to generation, from subculture to subculture. It was for everyone and like the G9, it was the ultimate genderless garment. The G4 was a canvas, ready for its wearer to fill it with meaning, aspirations and experiences.

The G4 Jacket continued on into the 90’s and 00’s and remained a constant classic in the British Pop scene. It continued to withstand the passing of time and the passing of trends. It is a constant, a classic. Thanks to the G4’s heritage over the past few decades, "The Alternative" project came into being, giving a voice to international communities across the globe, each representing a particular style. The first to reinterpret the iconic jacket is the Tokyo platform sabukaru.online, which went on to talk about the G4 aesthetic in Japanese culture. They wanted to express the true feeling of the streets of Tokyo through Baracuta’s G4. 

Following closely behind is Alan Galloway, an American content creator from Oldman Alan who styled two G4 Jackets focusing on its versatility by creating two very different outfits. British multimedia platform, Original Shift brought the G4 back to present day England, the country where Baracuta has always had an important presence. Again, they wanted to show people that the G4 can be worn in so many ways and with so many different trends. The project then moved onto Milan and finally in France where the global media and community platform, Yard, discussed the heritage of the jacket on the French streetwear scene.

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