G9 – The Original Harrington Jacket Made in the UK

A timeless classic since its debut in 1937, you can’t get more British than our G9 Harrington Jacket. Made in beautiful Manchester in the UK, the G9 Harrington is the first of its kind. The two creative geniuses behind the G9 are the Miller Brothers. John and Isaac Miller had been in the rainwear industry for some time before Baracuta was formed. This gave them the expertise and experience to create one of the most iconic jackets of all time: the G9. Let’s dive deeper into the backstory of this iconic jacket. The brothers were golf fanatics and attended Manchester Golfclub. During their time there, they noticed their fellow golfers were not dressed appropriately for the wet and windy Manchester weather. They had a lightbulb moment. What if they could come up with a jacket to keep golfers protected and comfortable while they played? The designing began, leading them to come up with a unique jacket featuring a ribbed hem and cuffs, a two-button dog ear collar, an inside pocket and strategically slanted pockets with a single button closure designed to hold two golf balls. The pièce de resistance is the umbrella back yoke with a built-in vent making it a more breathable garment. This umbrella-shaped characteristic conducts rain away from the wearer and has since become one of Baracuta’s most recognisable features. They called the jacket the G9 – G stands for golf and 9 stands for the 9 holes of the golf course. However, after creating what seemed to be the perfect jacket, they felt something was missing: a signature, a feature that would make it stand out from other jackets. In 1938 John and Isaac Miller made their way to Scotland to meet with Brigadier Simon Christopher Joseph Fraser, the 25th Clan Chief of the Clan Fraser of Lovat to ask him if they could use their family tartan in their garments. He agreed and bequeathed their Fraser Tartan to the brothers. Fraser Tartan dates back centuries and has been through thick and thin after having survived many clan feuds and wars for Scottish independence. The brothers felt this perfectly embodied their G9 Jacket, a garment known for its durability, strength and timelessness. They came back to Manchester and lined the G9 with their newly acquired Fraser Tartan. It was finally complete.

However, even though the G9 Harrington was inspired by the game of golf, it is one but few garments in history which surpassed its actual purpose. When the G9 made its way to the United States, celebrities started to wear it in Hollywood movies and in their daily lives, consolidating the jacket as an iconic piece. Ivy League students were influenced by this, so much so that they hung posters of celebrities sporting the iconic G9 on the walls of their fraternity dorms. They soon started to adopt the G9 as their own look, also known as the preppy look or the Ivy League look. The G9 was everywhere!

In 1964, Ryan O’Neal, who played Rodney Harrington in the sitcom Peyton Place was known for his adoration of Baracuta’s G9 Jacket. He was seen wearing it in almost every episode. They were two peas in a pod, so much so that the G9 Jacket came to be known as the Harrington Jacket. This name was solidified when John Simmons, who was a fan of Peyton Place, opened up a clothing store called The Ivy Shop (clearly inspired by the Ivy League) where he stocked the Baracuta G9 Jacket. His love for the jacket led him to place the G9 in the shop window with the writing “Harrington Jacket” next to it. Baracuta’s G9 is the first and only Harrington Jacket. The G9 momentum continued with its adoption by various subcultures like the Mods, Skinheads, Ska, Punks and British rockers. They referred to the Harrington Jacket as their “go to piece”. They felt it helped them to express who they were and also gave them the confidence to do so. Baracuta became a one stop shop for people of all genders and backgrounds. Many influential bands also wore the G9 Jacket while they rocked out on stage, like The Clash and Eric Clapton.

The Baracuta G9 Harrington Jacket has featured in countless films and has lived on to this day through generation after generation, always succeeding to stay relevant. This is the sign of a true classic and timeless piece. It has since become a symbol of authenticity and of British heritage. Baracuta prides itself on the fact it is and always will be made in the UK.

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