Baracuta x Goldwin

Baracuta, the iconic British brand founded in 1937, is making a powerful comeback this AW23 season with an extraordinary partnership with Goldwin, the Japanese outerwear experts known for their innovative use of materials and high-performance apparel. These two formidable brands have joined forces to create a collection that not only sets new fashion standards but also offers unparalleled protection against the elements. With a heritage spanning 85 years, Baracuta has been the embodiment of British style, celebrated for its legendary G9 Harrington Jacket—a timeless piece that has consistently delivered unparalleled craftsmanship and style, captivating generations. Now, with the addition of Goldwin's expertise, this capsule collection is poised to reach new heights in fashion and performance!

Gore-Tex: Your Shield Against the Rain

At the heart of this extraordinary collaboration is Gore-Tex, the gold standard in rain protection. This is not just about looking good; it's about staying dry in style. Gore-Tex technology ensures that you not only make a fashion statement but also remain impervious to bad weather.

The Ultimate Rainproof Collection

The G9 Gore-Tex is a contemporary take on our classic G9. It retains the signature stand-up collar and umbrella back yoke that you love but brings in some technical magic. Thanks to Goldwin, we've upgraded the fabric to Gore-Tex, renowned for its waterproof and breathable properties. Classic buttons have been replaced with discreet black metal ones, seamlessly blending style with performance. And the iconic Fraser Tartan lining? It's now a breathable mesh, making this G9 a technical marvel.

The G12 Gore-Tex, marries classic aesthetics with contemporary elegance, offering a coat that epitomises the best of both worlds. It preserves its classic shape, fit, and distinctive details, such as the umbrella back yoke and front slanted pockets. Incorporating a Fraser Tartan mesh lining is our innovative twist on this iconic piece, enhancing breathability while infusing a dash of contemporary style. What truly sets the G12 Gore-Tex apart is its exceptional rain protection. Crafted with Gore-Tex, this jacket is your impenetrable shield against inclement weather, making it an amazing raincoat that combines style with functionality. Perfectly tailored, it suits any setting, from urban streets to outdoor adventures.

No rain-ready ensemble is complete without the Gore-Tex Bucket Hat. It's a quintessential British weather accessory reimagined with Gore-Tex. Whether you choose black or light grey, this hat represents British resilience against unpredictable weather. This is a new era of technical fashion and this collaboration shows just that. Integrating Gore-Tex technology with Baracuta’s British essence and classic style has seamlessly met the modern consumer's demands for style, performance, and protection. So, don’t walk, RUN, elevate your style and stay dry with the Goldwin x Baracuta collection. Rain or shine, we've got you covered.