Jaguar x Baracuta: The Next Classic Guide

"The Next Classic Guide" is a project created by Jaguar and Baracuta with the aim of establishing what tomorrow we’ll call "a classic". The two brands put their thinking caps on and created two bespoke icons, the first being a custom-made Jaguar E-PACE with Baracuta characteristics throughout, the second, a limited edition G9 Harrington featuring Jaguar’s logo. A cross-country quest began in the search of unique places, styles, trends and personalities which could give a modern, up-to-date take on Jaguar’s and Baracuta’s presence in global culture.

"The Next Classic Guide" is a coolhunting project, with an aim to mix new subcultural influences which can be interpretated very differently depending on the country. Starting off in the United Kingdom, where both brands were founded (brands that put “Britishness” on the map), The Next Classic Guide then crossed into Europe, and finally finishing with a bang at The Next Classic Experience in the Church of San Paolo Converso in Milan on the 18th of May 2022. 

The target market of this project was Millennials and Gen Z as they understand changing trends better than other groups. They are the future generations, so their opinion really counts. The Next Classic Guide is all about being interactive, where creators and communities can create content outlining a new way of understanding, going way beyond a single shot, curating something captivating while telling a story, by underlining what a true classic is. 

The two customised Baracuta and Jaguar pieces were inspired by the iconic image of Steve McQueen sitting in a Jaguar XKSS wearing the G9 Harrington Jacket. The newly customized Jaguar E-PACE was presented in the same neutral colour as that G9 Jacket. The car’s interior paneling and roof is lined with Fraser Tartan, completely embodying all the iconic characteristics of Baracuta. The headrests are embroidered with the Baracuta logo, and the rear car window also bears its logo. It is the perfect juxtaposition of the brands’ identities. The limited edition G9 Harrington Jacket also features an innovative reflective Jaguar logo on the forearm. 

The Next Classic Guide lasted a total of eight months and many bloggers, artists, content creators and digital communication professionals from different parts of the world were able to bring their passion for the fashion and motor worlds together to add their own creative spark to the project. This cross-sectoral collaboration has proven to be immensely important in today's culturally diverse world as it highlights the fact that anything is possible, that people can work together, regardless of one’s background. This collaboration has shown that change is always welcomed and embraced as something positive.

The European road trip started from the Jaguar Design Studio in Gaydon, in England. Samutaro, one of the most influential British content creators in recent times, helped launch the project which then moved on to London before continuing on to eight European countries. Baracuta and Jaguar’s desire was to break the norm and pave a way for the future, by finding a true classic..

On the 18th May, 2022, the project’s eight-month stint across Europe came to an end, finishing up in Milan, Italy. The Next Classic Experience event was held in the Ex Church of San Paolo Converso and featured a visual light show encompassed the frescoed interiors. A perfect modern contrast to the classic elegance of the church and of Jaguar. The expressive light show perfectly represented how the Baracuta G9 Jacket helps the wearer express their true self. Present at the event where the content creators who accompanied the Next Classic Guide during its eight-month stint across the continent. They were given a free pass to customize their very own Baracuta G9 Harrington Jacket in any way they desired. These customised jackets were on display for everyone to check, out along with a QR Code directing the viewer to an interview held with each creator about what the next classic means to them and how they got to take part in this project. It was essentially an interactive art installation. Finally, the night ended with DJ sets by artists including the insanely talented Kofi McCalla. It was most definitely an evening to remember! An unforgettable eight months! With regards to what the next classic will be, that’s for you to decide. All we know is that Jaguar and Baracuta have always been classics and will continue to be for generations to come!