Needles x Baracuta: A Collaboration of Classic and Contemporary Style

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ll have heard about Baracuta and how it created the first ever G9 Harrington jacket in 1937 and completing it in 1938! It has been worn by some of the most influential people in history, from Steve McQueen to Elvis Presley and even Leonardo DiCaprio and Bradley Cooper! To launch the SS23 season, Baracuta is joining forces with the Japanese brand Needles. It’s not the first time the two brands, known for their different aesthetics, collaborate on creating something special – a three-piece capsule collection each in three different colourways combining class and contemporary.

Needles was founded in Japan in 1997 and is known for its blends old Western and American military styles with sophisticated Japanese fabrics. Needles is also famous for its intricate and unique patterns which envelop each piece. The collection is composed of the Jacquard G9 Jacket, Jacquard Trousers and Jacquard Hunting Hat, this is the first time Baracuta comes out with a tracksuit concept including the G9 Harrington Jacket.

The motive driving this collaboration is to unite the British universe to which Baracuta belongs (as evidenced by its G9 model and iconic Fraser Tartan) with the contemporary Japanese world of Needles, showcased through the striking visual display of colours, designs, and the jacquard method featured in the clothing.

Needles x Baracuta Jacquard G9 Jacket

The partnership between Needles and Baracuta revolves around the Jacquard G9 Jacket, which showcases a fusion of English, American, and Japanese influences stemming from the brands' individual histories. While retaining the key attributes of the G9, the jacket features a unique and playful Needles-inspired pattern that adds a pop of colour and enables the wearer to express themselves freely. The butterfly Needles logo adorns the chest, and the jacket's interior is lined with mesh Fraser Tartan, making it a coveted collector's item. The striking colours are reminiscent of the Needles aesthetic, while the Baracuta design elements, such as the Fraser Tartan, umbrella back yoke, and dog ear collar, are also evident.

Needles x Baracuta Jacquard Trousers

The Needles x Baracuta Jacquard Trousers effortlessly imbue the wearer with confidence to experiment with colours and patterns. The iron-stitched pleats down each leg add a touch of class, and the unmistakable butterfly embroidered Needles logo and Fraser Tartan lining the inner pockets complete the unique look.

Needles x Baracuta Jacquard Hat
Lastly, the Needles x Baracuta Jacquard Hat boasts an all-over unique pattern, making it a fun accessory to elevate any outfit with character, personality, and colour. The butterfly Needles logo embellishes the side, and the mesh Fraser Tartan lining the inside completes the design.

This tracksuit collection exemplifies the synergy between the youthful strength of Needles and the timeless appeal of Baracuta's G9 Harrington, reinterpreted in a contemporary fashion while preserving its originality. Baracuta's timeless design has been given a contemporary update by Needles, who have added their own unique flair.

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