The suede edit

Suede here, Suede there, Suede everywhere - and for a good reason too! The ever-famous British Brand, Bracuta has been in the game since 1937, so it’s safe to say the brand knows a thing or two about producing high quality items made with top notch craftsmanship, just like the legendary G9 Harrington Jacket! Due to the success of the brand all over the world with celebrities like Steve McQueen, Frank Sinatra, Leonardo DiCaprio, Bradley Cooper, Daniel Craig and Jason Statham - known Baracuta buffs - this helped Baracuta spread like wildfire and in turn allowed the brand to expand other avenues and projects! Avenues like adding new items to the collection, new colours and especially, new materials like Suede. Suede is made from the underside of animal hide rather than the top which gives it the soft, enchanting texture it has.

Warning, if you buy a Baracuta Suede jacket you will never want to take it off, you’ll be consumed by the way it hugs you, how it brings any outfit to life and how people automatically turn heads as you walk by asking themselves why they didn’t buy one for themselves. Baracuta has not one, not two but three Suede jackets to choose from, each with their own character and personality. Don’t know which to choose? We’ve got you covered: 



We hope you didn’t think that we wouldn’t come out with a Suede G9 Harrington rendition! Everyone deserves a G9 in their lives so why not make it more accessible? If you’re into looking slick, feeling comfort like no other and lapping it up in soft Suede, this jacket is for you. The G9 is a symbol of everlasting greatness, a jacket that goes with absolutely anything and anyone. It accompanies the wearer through life experiences, they say, “if a G9 could talk, imagine the stories it would tell”. This is the same for Baracuta’s suede version, if you are on the hunt for a longtime companion while looking like one of your favourite Hollywood A-lister or Mod, this one is for you!


 Our G4 has been remade in Suede giving a touch of style and functionality to Baracuta's second icon! If you’re into more comfortable, roomier gear then your perfect suede piece is the G4 Suede. It has a more relaxed feel to it as the elastic ribbed waist and cuffs – found in the G9 - have been replaced with adjustable button strap closures on the sides and cuffs. Don’t sweat it, the other original features of the G9 - like the stand-up collar, the umbrella back yoke and our signature Fraser Tartan lining – are still present! Channel your inner Brit and step out in style in our soft as hell G4 Suede! 


  This one is for the layering fanatics out there. You can never go wrong with a versatile Suede overshirt. Wear it over your favourite top for warmer days out or under your coat for an added layer or warmth! Overshirts have made a name for themselves and become extremely popular over the years due to its multifaceted purposes, making it a real style icon. Keeping it in line with Baracuta, our signature umbrella back yoke is featured on the back. 

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