Made in UK
Slate grey
EUR €410,00

Experience a blast from the past with the G9 Archive Jacket, inspired by the very first original G9 model discovered in Baracuta's Archives. Its authentic fit silhouette deliberately provides a looser fit, so if you prefer your G9's to be slightly looser this one is for you! The jacket's distinct label on the pocket flap sets it apart while retaining all the classic features of the original G9 Harrington Jacket, including the signature Fraser Tartan lining inside. This versatile piece can easily take you from day to night.

G9 ArchiveG9 Archive
Made in UK
EUR €429,00

The Baracuta G9 Woman is a timeless and iconic jacket tailored to complement the modern woman's style. With its impeccable fit and high-quality materials, it exudes sophistication and versatility. It features signature G9 characteristics including the Fraser Tartan lining, umbrella back yoke and dog-ear collar. From city adventures to countryside escapes, the G9 Woman adds a touch of elegance to any outfit, making it a wardrobe staple for all seasons.

G9 WomanG9 Woman


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Created in 1937 by the Miller brothers, and completed in 1938 with the addition of the iconic Fraser Tartan lining, the G9 Harrington jacket was originally designed as a practical outerwear piece to wear on golf courses. Hence, both its name and its design, with the wide slanting pockets and the umbrella-shaped yoke on the back, derive. However, this jacket, the first Harrington jacket in history, which is still an inspiration for many brands around the world today, soon became a true fashion and men's clothing icon.

Loved by revolutionary subcultures, such as Mods and punks, but also by actors, poets, musicians, and Hollywood actors, the one and only G9 Harrington jacket by Baracuta is a jacket with an unmistakable British charm. It is a must-have for rainwear, ideal to wear all year round and perfect for both casual and more elegant looks. The original Harrington jacket, the G9 by Baracuta, is genderless, perfect for anyone who wants to express their style to the fullest. The G9 Harrington jacket is available on in many different colors and fabrics, such as suede, corduroy, or Baracuta Cloth, the type of water-resistant fabric patented by Baracuta itself. Add to your wardrobe a true icon of British clothing, and beyond: a jacket that has revolutionized fashion around the world.